Imagine Newborn Snap Stay Dry All in One Diaper - Jack's Tale

Imagine Newborn Snap Stay Dry All in One Diaper - Jack's Tale

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Imagine "Smart Fit" Bamboo Prefolds
are just like the highly sought after Imagine "Smart Fit" Cotton Prefolds, but made from 55% Bamboo and 45% Organic Cotton. They are made especially for us using the highest quality Indian Cotton that is known to be the superior material for making prefold diapers. Just like the Imagine "Smart Fit" Cotton Prefolds, they are cut shorter and wider to fit in a diaper cover better without excess bulk.

These prefolds are stitched with the highest quality thread and the stitching is reinforced to endure durability and longevity. During manufacturing, a special process is performed to prevent pilling. Imagine "Smart Fit" Bamboo Prefolds will last through years of diapering and beyond! Bamboo is soft, absorbent, and naturally anti-microbial. These prefolds feel buttery soft against your baby's skin while offering an incredibly absorbent diaper, holding even the heaviest wetters! The natural bamboo fibers will wash up beautifully and are much less likely to ever get stinky than a synthetic fiber.

When you receive your Imagine "Smart Fit" Bamboo Prefolds, they will be flat and slightly stiff. To prep them for use, wash and dry them 4-5 times in a hot or warm wash cycle using detergent and drying them in the dryer each time . After they are prepped, they will quilt up and be VERY soft! Imagine "Smart Fit" Bamboo Prefolds will shrink approximatly 5-15% during prep. Due to the nature of the bamboo fabric, the prefolds will feel floppier, slightly heavier and will not be quite as quilted as your Imagine "Smart Fit" Cotton Prefolds.

***Please note that using the sanitize cycle or washing your diapers in water above 120 degrees will not only cause excessive wear and tear on your diapers, but it will also cause them to shrink and quilt more than the below dimensions state.***

Weight of Baby
Unwashed Dimensions
Washed Dimensions
Color of Stitching
Individual Price
6-pack Price
4-10 pounds
10" x 11.5 orange
$3.25 $18.95
7-17 pounds
13.5" x 14.5"
11.5"x12.5" green
$3.75 $21.95
12-25 pounds
15" x 17"
13.5"x15.5" yellow
$4.25 $25.95
Large 15-30+ pounds
15.5"x18.5" 14"x17" blue
$4.75 $28.95

Imagine "Smart Fit" Bambo Prefolds are made up of three panels of fabric in various layers. The outer two panels have 4 layers of fabric and the middle panel has 8 layers of fabric (The XSmall size layering is 3x6x3). This allows the most absorbency to be throughout the wet-zone while keeping the outer panels more trim so various folds can be used with your prefolds. Imagine "Smart Fit" Bamboo Prefolds can be used trifolded in your diaper cover or can be folded and secured with a Snappi or Boingo Diaper Fasteners.