Imagine Smart Fit Unbleached Cotton Prefolds - 6 Pack

Imagine Smart Fit Unbleached Cotton Prefolds - 6 Pack

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Imagine "Smart Fit" prefolds are the very best Indian prefolds made especially just for us! Cut shorter to fit into a diaper cover without having to fold down the prefold making them much trimmer. Our prefold diapers are also wider to wrap around your baby easier.

NEW! Our Imagine "Smart Fit" prefolds have a tag sewn in -- we've thoroughly tested the tag for comfort and the diaper can easily be folded to have it outwards.

Imagine "Smart Fit" prefolds are like Chinese prefold diapers and DSQ prefold diapers (diaper service quality) except we use 100% cotton twill from India and sewn in Pakistan. Indian cotton is known to be a superior material used in prefolds. To improve the quality even more they are stitched with high quality thread and the stitches are reinforced. Plus, a special process is performed during manufacturing to eliminate pilling! They are soft, highly absorbent, and super durable. Our prefold diapers can withstand many rigorous washings and dryings as well as can be used on multiple babies over the years. The uses do not stop there - use them after the diapering years as cleaning rags!

Imagine "Smart Fit" prefolds are available in WHITE and UNBLEACHED!

  • WHITE prefolds are chlorine-free! They are whitened with a peroxide bleach solution maintaining a low pH level to help avoid any skin allergies. We still recommend washing and drying your prefolds at least 3 times before using.
  • UNBLEACHED prefolds are a beautiful natural color free of any whitening process. We recommend washing and drying them at least 4-5 times on HOT before using to help strip the natural oils and make them absorbent.

Please note when you receive your prefolds they will be very flat and a little stiff, after you wash and dry them they will quilt and get very soft. The picture above is of WASHED prefolds. The more you wash and dry your prefolds the more absorbent and soft they become!

***Please note that using the sanitize cycle or washing in water above 120 degree will not only cause excessive wear and tear on your diapers, but it will also cause them to shrink and quilt more than the below dimensions states***

Imagine "Smart Fit" prefolds are made up of three panels of various layers of fabric. The outer panels have 4 layers and the middle layer is a super absorbent 8 layers. Our dimensions are different than the traditional prefolds found on the market - shorter and wider so they fit wonderfully into most diaper covers ! Imagine "Smart Fit" prefolds can be used alone in most diaper covers however we do have Snappi Diaper Fasteners and Diaper Pins available.


Baby Weight (approx)

Dimensions (unwashed)

Dimensions (washed)

Color of Stitching


4-10 lbs


10" x 11.5"



7-17 lbs





12-25 lbs





15-30+ lbs




  • All the layering is 4x8x4, except the XSmall is 3x6x3
  • Prefolds will shrink approx 5-15%. Washed dimensions are approximates.

TIP: Make sure all of your imagine "Smart Fit" prefold is tucked into the diaper cover to avoid unnecessary leaks!


We have searched high and low to find the highest quality fabric to make our imagine product line. We searched globally for the BEST material including researching and testing Chinese prefolds. The material we chose on passed our testing with flying colors as well as customers! The only difference between Indian vs. Chinese prefolds is where the material and diaper is sewn. It is all the same type of material. The main difference in quality, performance and feel is how the material is weaved and sewn. This differs from factory to factory more so than from country to country.

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