Imagine Training Pants 3 Pack - Girl

Imagine Training Pants 3 Pack - Girl

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Please note: These items are not eligible for the 15 Day Wash program or returns. Final sale only.

These are sold in 3 packs. Prints similar to those shown, prints chosen by Nicki's Diapers.

Our loss is your gain! This updated version of the popular Imagine Training Pants didn't have all the changes we'd requested for the final production of version 2.0 but you can take advantage of the same great quality with several updated features! New to this run is a PUL (waterproof layer) outer in all the most popular Imagine prints and and FIVE LAYERS OF THIRSTY BAMBOO INSIDE! This version has side snaps on one side of the trainer.

Available in three sizes:
Small (21-29lbs)
Medium (24-35lbs)
Large (31-41lbs)
*Size/weight suggestions are approximate

Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. No bleach or additives.