Planet Wise Performance Sports Bag 2.0 - Sleepy Dust

Planet Wise Performance Sports Bag 2.0 - Sleepy Dust

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The Planet Wise Sports Bag 2.0 is a backpack design, lightweight, drawstring bag that is made of a waterproof material and has sewn and sealed seams so there will be no leaks or wicking! The high quality polyurethane laminate (PUL) that is used is not only waterproof but it is also anti-microbial! That means the growth of bacteria and fungi is inhibited - just what every sports bag needs!

While the original Planet Wise Sports Bag was made with a cotton exterior, the Planet Wise Sports Bag 2.0 is made entirely out of PUL. This makes it extra waterproof, inside and out!

Wet Bags in the Performance line are made with a canvas-like material which is coated with a non-toxic water repellent, making them water resistant. The water repellent does not wash out onto other items in the laundry and retains 95% effectiveness even after 100 washes!

The Planet Wise Sports Bag 2.0 has 2 sections inside - one pouch holds dry, clean clothes and the other pouch is for anything wet or soiled. Don't worry - the dry side will stay dry and the wet side will hold in all the moisture and mess. No more extra plastic bags!

This stylish Sport Bag even has color coordinated lining. The zippered front pocket is an added bonus for storing

money, keys, cell phone, wallet, snacks, or any of your other small personal items. Whatever you put in that front pocket will stay dry!

Planet Wise Sports Bags are ideal for kids, teens, college students, adults, mom/dad - anyone! It has an endless number of uses, such as pool, beach, gym, yoga, swim team, swim lessons, team sports, school locker for extra set of clothes, child sleepovers, camping, picnics, mama bag, diaper bag, etc.! There are so many colors and prints, you may have a hard time choosing which one you want.

This well-made bag has durable nylon drawstring cords. The Planet Wise Sports Bag is sure to look like new for a long time.

Features of the Planet Wise Sports Bag:

  • Dimensions of the bag: Approximately 17"x15"
  • Dimensions of the zippered pocket: Approximately 9"x8"
  • Inside of bag is divided - 1 side for dry items & 1 side for wet items
  • Machine wash and tumble dry
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Made entirely out of a waterproof material
  • Seams are sewn and sealed - seams will not leak or wick
  • PUL fabric is anti-microbial - inhibits bacteria and fungi growth

All Planet Wise products are made in the Wisconsin/Illinois area in the USA!

Planet Wise Sports Bag