Planet Wise Small Diaper Pail Liner - Long Time, No Sea

Planet Wise Small Diaper Pail Liner - Long Time, No Sea

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Planet Wise Small Diaper Pail Liners are the first and only pail liners on the market that are both sewn and sealed. These pail liners can be used in a standard five-gallon trash can for wet diapers, swimwear, or wet towel. You can also use them to simply line your small trash can to reduce your waste. These come in a variety of solid colors and prints to match any decor.


Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liners are made with a high-quality polyurethane laminate (PUL) that is antimicrobial. This material inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi all while remaining water-resistant.

Wash and Care

It’s always recommended to wash any new products before use, to remove any dust from manufacturing and shipping.

Washing Your Pail Liners:

1) Remove Contents

2) Turn Pail Liner inside out

3) Machine wash on warm/hot with additive-free detergent in cloth diaper laundry or clothes. We recommend the use of Tide detergent.
                        Do not use detergents with added softeners or stain removers.
                        No Bleach.

4) Line dry or tumble dry or on low/medium.

Nicki’s Recommendation

We recommend having 2 small pail liners per trash can or pail. Pail liners may be used in place of traditional disposable trash bags

The small pail liners will hold up to one full day of cloth diapers.